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Sponsorships packages are normally bespoke, we sit down and listen to how you want to benefit from the sponsorship and advise on the best applications to achieve your goals. Sponsorships vary on price, depending on the level of traffic and the elements used to build up your tailored package. As a guide, the deals in 2000 will fall between 500 - 10,000.
Ad Copy

  1. uses the ad size guidelines published by the Internet Advertising Bureau and C.A.S.I.E. We accept the following ad banner sizes with plans to offer more in the future:

    Banner (468x60)

    Button (120x90)

  2. We accept gif and gif89 (animated gif) 468x60 banners, and 120x60 Anchor Buttons. Animations can play 3 times and the byte count must be under 12K.
  3. Javascript Ads. We can run them as long as they work in our pages. We do need one week lead time. However, we cannot record click-throughs with javascript ads.
  4. We can run HTML ads as long as they do not require or link to any CGI code or extra programming. We can run them as long as they work in our pages. We need one week lead time. We are unable to record click-throughs with HTML ads.
  5. We do not run Java Ads, or ads with Shockwave, audio or other plugins. The problem is that they work with too few browsers at this time.
  6. We are willing to try most things. If the agency or advertiser wants to test something new, we will certainly attempt to accommodate their request.

Traffic Instructions:

All banners and buttons should be via email to as either attachments or with a specific URL to pick-up creative. Should advertiser choose FTP option, please contact for instructions. New creative must be submitted 5 business days prior to run start. Changes or revisions from that point on require 2 business days notice. For each creative unit, please submit the following information:
  1. Ad Name, ad size and the advertiser's name.
  2. Run start date and end date.
  3. Specific rotation instructions.
  4. Alt-Text - text appearing in place of banner for text-only browsers.
  5. Referring URL. All questions to:

Direct Marketing

We regularly communicate with our members via email newsletters, to inform them of all the latest happenings and keep them abreast of developments on the online network. Direct marketing opportunities are available for this channel.

Specialist email lists will be developed and are expected to grow towards 100 by March 2001. We expect to see the number grow by 20 - 30 per month thereafter. These lists will offer specialist information and are developed by guides and members themselves. Some will have 20 members, others 20,000.


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