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Websites    (1 - 20 of 86 matches)

"An Irish Gaelic Translator"
Ask for Irish Gaelic translations, and listen to Irish language sayings and phrases.
Avg. Rating:

"The Gallic-Gaelic Scene on Screen":
The definitive bi-lingual portal website for the Franco-Irish community and their French friends.

The official website for the arts on the Island of Ireland

5th @ Guinness Storehouse Dublin
5th is the artistic program at Guinness Storehouse Dublin consisting of an ongoing series of exhibitions in the 5th gallery and a program of innovative musical and performance events throughout the Storehouse building. The site contains full information o
Avg. Rating:

A Digital Gallery of Irish Paintings and Prints.
Original Irish works of art from Limerick Ireland. You can browse the artists gallery and purchase prints online

Ireland pictures, poems, artists and writers inspired by Achill Island, Co Mayo.

AmericaCelta / CelticAmerica
Celtic Culture in America. A complete guide of people, groups and institutions in Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, Brasil, Venezuela, Costa Rica, and more.

Art of Ireland
Art from Original Irish artists on show and for sale. These are some of the best artist in Ireland.

Art of Róisín O'Shea
collection of original watercolour paintings from around ireland created by irish artist roisin o'shea

Artists of Ireland
Irish arts collective for all Irish artists, dramatists, writers, actors, musicians and entertainers. Includes galleries,featured artists,listings,free emails and more. Free to join- Sign up now!

Artist's website includes Art Gallery, Showbands Archive, Athenry Photo Album, Athenry Musical Society, The Swingtime Aces Story

Brian Hughes Photography
Brian Hughes Collection: Irish landscape and street photography in black and white, infrared and colour.
Avg. Rating:

Caisleain Oir - A New Musical
Set in rural Ireland during the late 19th century and early 20th century, Caisleáin Óir is a story of childhood romanceand the pursuit of destiny.

Castles of Ireland
A photographic collection of the many castles which adorn the countryside of County Galway in Ireland.

Celebrate Ireland!
A virtual encyclopaedia of Ireland & the Irish. Everything one wants to know about Ireland & the Irish & isn't afraid to ask.
Avg. Rating:

Center for Celtic Life
Celtic Life was designed as a network for all of Celtic ancestry and beliefs as well as those interested in Celtic culture. This site is dedicated to celebrating the common heritage of all Celtic people, our history, language, music, dance and customs fo

Con Scanlon fine art photography
The beauty of Ireland lends itself in many ways to the canvas and the camera. Con Scanlon sees it through the lens of the camera and his dramatic black & white images capture the land, rivers and sea in all their majesty. This unique collection of indivi

Corporate Translation Services
Professional language translation service - 100 languages, fast and accurate.

Cullen Pipe Band Homepage
Homepage of Cullen Pipe Band, Co. Cork.

Danny Barry
Danny Barry poems Newcastle West Co. Limerick Ireland

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