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How To Add Your Web Site

  1. Make sure your website is not already listed in the directory.
    Do a search for it here.

  2. If it is not listed anywhere in the directory, continue with the next step. If it is listed but is needing editing, please contact feedback, supplying your site title, URL, and the changes needing to be made.

  3. Navigate down into the directory to find the most appropriate category in which your site should be listed. Make sure not to put a site, for example, for a hotel, under the category 'Accommodation', but rather navigate further down into the sub-category, 'Accommodation > Hotels'.
    NB: If you do not choose the appropriate category, your site will not be listed.

  4. Within that sub-category you have chosen to add your site, click the 'Add your Site' link found at the bottom of the page. Fill in your site's details and click submit.

  5. Your information will be viewed and if appropriately categorised, will be uploaded into the sites directory. This should be within 10 working days.

  6. Contact feedback should you have any queries.

    -> Navigate to the appropriate category


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