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Becoming a Member of means you automatically become
a member of the largest online Irish service in the world, including,, and You will have unlimited access to all 3 of these sites.

Therefore adding your website to means that your information
will be stored in the same database that powers the search engines for all three
sites, insuring maximum exposure of your website to the Irish online market; covering the local Irish market within Ireland, and covering
the 70 million people of Irish descent world wide.

New! Customise Search Directory
Why not enhance your site with a searchable site directory of your own? is fully customizable, so you can adapt it to your site’s look and feel, and no one will guess it is not part of your own site. We provide you with easy step-by-step instructions that will allow you to customize the text and background colors, insert a background image, add your own header and footer html, and then preview and publish your site directory with a unique URL to link to your site.

New! Discussion boards
Join in to get your answers on any web-related problems, get lots of 'how-to' advice, or share your expertise with others.

 Coming Soon...

More great membership benefits to help your website stay on top of the Internet world will soon be available to you.

1. You'll have the option to receive regular newsletters on the latest and best Irish sites on the Web.

2. A comprehensive array of articles containing Expert tips & tricks on how to make the most of your website, including:
    · HTML code
    · Scripting
    · Images
    · Marketing hints
    · and much more!

Have a look at and


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